Thursday, July 29, 2021

A bit of a phase

Minnie has once again started looking at us like we have pooped our pants in public, which used to be her default expression. I freaking love it.
But when she sees a camera, she will ALWAYS smile for a selfie, goofy little teeth and all.
Minnie is having a bit of an all mom all the time moment. She is waking up before 6 am, and then she wants to just sort of hug me or grab my legs ALL THE TIME unless we are walking or she is taking her afternoon nap. It is lovely but also a lot.

She will tolerate the Ergo but only a little bit. She would prefer to be slung on my hip, and if she could have a hand on my face or even in my mouth, that's best.

Good thing she's so sweet and also that I am so emotional about her birthday coming up. I have no choice but to savor having a baby in the house.


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