Friday, July 23, 2021


We are in the thick of the summer and loving every second of it. Swim and dive is over after next week, and we will sort of be at loose ends. Well, I will be. Ben has done more than his share of swim team taxi service, though, so he is looking forward to the extra free time.

In addition to swim, dive,  and baseball tournaments, we have been enjoying:

Lots of ice cream runs
(oh by the way THIS SHIRT-- I liked it so much I bought one for Ben)
Pool days-- lots of them

Harry LOVES it when I take his photo at work
Water ballet!

Dorothy is having a dance summer and is LOVING IT
She even comes home from class and practices on the TV
Look at her tan baby legs-- not something you see every day.
... Aaaand we're back to pool days.

Today was the last time we could swim in the morning. From now on, noon is the earliest the pool opens, but don't worry. I am sure we'll find plenty to do.

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