Saturday, July 17, 2021

Talking Minnie

The baby books (the google more like it) say Minnie should be able to follow simple directions like going to get her shoes when it is time to leave the house. THIS IS FALSE because we never leave the house and also SHE HAS NOT SHOES because she cannot walk and doesn't go anywhere.

But! She can follow the direction "brush your hair" and is very serious and handsome with her combover.
I just loved this little scene. And think how great it would be NOT IN MY BATHROOM BUT IN THEIR OWN GD BATHROOM that no one uses.
Rabble rouser
All ready for school in end times. She insisted on shopping at Pottery Barn Teen because PB Kids is for babies.
Best sportsball mom shirt ever, I think we can all agree.
Dinner date with Jack! He picked the place and was totally cool with a SIXTY MINUTE WAIT for a patio table. I was ready to eat my own face.
He was SO ANNOYED when the waitress gave him a kid menu, but I immediately colored it.
And then he did the word search.
It was a little humid.
LOL at her little FACE. We went to the pool before nap, and she was READY FOR NAP
Last night, Jack and I got home a little late because we also went to the mall, and Minnie grabbed my face so I would look at her and rubbed her eyes and told me very clearly ALL DONE. She meant all done being awake, and it was darling.

Other things she says at 11 months:

Mama (not often)

Dada (all the gd time)


doggy (sounds like Dorothy; context is key)





nigh nigh (naps and also milk)

nanananana (no)



I-did-it (all one word)

one (accompanied by one finger)


all done



She is starting to put things together like "hi doggy" or "more yum." It's basically the cutest thing ever. 

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Sarah said...

Lurker pediatrician here, that is a LOT of words at Minnie's age! Congratulations on hatching another smartie!