Monday, July 12, 2021

August is coming

Dorothy decided she didn't want to be on the dive team, so she's not. But that means she is at loose ends during dive meets which is sometimes, as you might imagine, A LOT. We have had 2 meets at public pools **gasp** and she has loved them because the pools were open for swimming during the meet. I have hated them because NO CHAIRS ON THE POOL DECK. Oh the humanity!
Jack and Coop had 2 meets last week, and they both won both, Jack has won 6 in a row and is having the most fun summer he can imagine.
Dorothy and Cooper are both loving swim team so much they might do winter swim team. I just love how cute Dorothy looks with a bun under a cap like a little Conehead.
The jazz hand! The clenched toes! I think she wanted my phone.
Santa baby:
All-City swim and dive is in 2 weeks, and then our summer opens up considerably which is to say we will have nothing to do the entire month of August. I am actually not looking forward to it because we have lovely quiet mornings with the kids at the pool until lunch time. This is the first summer ever, in fact, that the kids are at the pool more than I am.

I had big plans for Harry Potter summer school, but all we have done is plant a Venus flytrap and let Cooper try to germinate it in the Barbie pool (LOLz for days).

I manage one solid work day and then little frantic bursts and starts. Jack and I are both listening to audiobooks all day long. Ben is SO SO SO busy and I think looking forward to quiet days at home with the kids in school and even quieter days in his office. I am, toom.

But between that and now THERE IS AUGUST. **gulp**


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