Sunday, July 11, 2021

Time flies

 You guys! I do not even know what the heck happened to my whole week. Um. I mean, I am teaching 2 summer school sections, and they are A LOT especially with a baby. I forgot how hard it is to work with a baby who is almost a toddler.

Another thing: Minnie had an ear infection-- did I tell you about that? Right before my brother came to town, we took her to the doctor just to check because she was teething and fussy and sleeping badly and bam! Ear infection. Luckily, she thought amoxicillin was delicious, and I used Gretchen Rubin's strategy of pairing to not miss any doses! For the first time in my entire motherhood career! I gave one with breakfast and one in the tub every single day for 10 days. And now she is also fussy again and her tooth is coming in, like horizontally sticking out of her top gum. Gah.

And then also, Big Brother started, so my evenings are suddenly much busier (LIVING THE DREAM).

Apropos of nothing: Minnie so looks like Baby Ben:

And speaking of Big Brother, Jack made ice cream pie for the premier:

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