Sunday, May 23, 2021

Happy little weekend

It was a rare baseball-free weekend, and we all loved it. Groceries. Cooking. Sushi. House cleaning. Tennis. Walks through the neighborhood. So fun!

Dorothy and Cooper begged to have a slumber party, and we realized how incredibly low maintenance the whole thing would be. So! We gave them a laptop to watch a movie (they chose The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and set up a tent on the floor of Cooper's room. They piled in with popcorn, candy, juice boxes, sleeping bags, and pillows. After the movie (that we started at 7:25 because they were so excited to have a sleepover they took showers right after dinner), Dorothy slept on the top bunk and Cooper on the bottom. They slept in! Even though they stayed up late reading. It was cute AND completely easy-- WINNING.

Minnie is SO BUSY you guys!
All of the sudden, she can sit up from laying down, and she can get where she wants to go with a weird combo of bear walling, crawling, and scooting on her tummy.

We spent a lovely little while at a petting farm on Saturday-- pics to come!

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