Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Last day of 8 months and also of 42 years

 Its a good thing Minnie is just barely scooting:

Also, she was late to the pull-the-books-off-the-shelf stage, but she got there:

OK. Here is how I hope my birthday goes tomorrow:

I hope I can slip away from Minnie at least 5 minutes before the other kids get up so I can have a cup of coffee briefly.
I hope I can take a super-sized walk because we are for sure having Greenbush donuts for breakfast.
I hope I can relax during nap and read a crappy thriller.
I hope to take a short walk at Picnic Point with my favorite people and then pick up Shake Shack for dinner.
I hope my Snickers cheesecake tastes better than it looks.**
I hope to end the day with champagne, presents, and a family walk around the neighborhood.

Doesn't that sound like the perfect day?

I forgot that you have to let cheesecakes sit for like 6 hours before you take them out of the pan, and now, I have Snickers cheesecake pudding **sad trombone** I was super sad when the cake collapsed and I realized my mistake, but I rallied fast and hope this is an omen for the year ahead.

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