Friday, May 21, 2021

Augustus Gloop

Mask mandates don't expire here until 6/2, so I took my unvaccinated children to Target while I still can, and let me just tell you, I WILL NOT MISS THAT EXPERIENCE. Not only did I spend $250, but everyone acted nuts.  BRUTAL.

But! Cooper saw this outfit in the baby PRIDE section, and we knew it would make Minnie look like a human Cabbage Patch Kid, and she DID, so all was not lost even though the actual errand was hellacious.
Minnie learned how to sit up from being on her tummy, and we know from experience that this means shit is about to get REAL, so I was at Target for a baby gate, which we bought, along with a walker toy, clothes for Dorothy and Minnie, an umbrella, a bunch of junk food, beauty products, YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES.

The pocket of her bib OMG so gross.

Ben gave her a lick of his popsicle, and she was SO INTENT on having more. Hence the Augustus Gloop nickname.


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