Monday, May 17, 2021

Happy 43rd to me!

 I had the exact day I wanted and plus also Harry and Jack got vaccinated. WHAT AN AWESOME RANDOM MID-FORTIES BIRTHDAY!

There was a small mishap with my Snicker's cheesecake where I just effing forgot to chill it. And when I took it out of the springform pan, it imploded. Or more like melted. Because chilling a cheesecake for like 6 hours in the fridge is a crucial effing step.

I almost tossed it out and got a bakery cake, but then I realized that melted or not, it still had 60 chopped fun-sized Snickers and a bunch of buttered Oreo crumbs that were a crust originally but ended up any old place after I glopped it into a trifle dish.

Then I decorated it with homemade whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, and MORE chopped candy bars. IT WAS HEAVEN.

Breakfast donut!

We took a delightful walk after Minnie's nap

And of course the much anticipated Shake Shack
Donuts. A shake. AND THEN champagne and cheesecake pudding. Amazing.
Minnie had a spoonful of homemade whipped cream. She was intrigued.

If you need me, I will be closing all the circles on my fitness app because my AppleWatch is addicting as hell.

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