Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Wow that was a WEEK

 Last week was... a lot.  Like, every committee I serve on had to meet. All of the things needed to be graded. I had lots of course management things to ... manage. I am hiring a fall staff and working on summer and fall course prep. AND ALL OF THE CHILDREN ARE HOME ALL OF THE TIME. So, you know.


The tiny cup SLAYS me.
She tried peanut butter toast and liked it!
Perfect Mother's Day dinner:
Pattern mixing
Minnie is obsessed with sunglasses
OMG I could eat her.
We spent Mother's Day afternoon at our favorite brewery, and it was PERFECT.
Minnie scooted for Pirate's Booty
Dorothy clowned around
We all relaxed.
Minnie tried to crawl for Sierra Mist
There was beer.
Hilariously, her birthday is 8/13:
The boys bought me that mug with their own money
My nap time dream of sitting on the couch and reading a book came true.
Dance party?
Dixie Cups are the funnest!
She cares not about selfies.
Lots of this these days:
Mask up!
I need to lay off the Minnie clothes but at the same time, how can I?

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