Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Milestone alert: doctor visit for ear pain

 I **think** that Minnie's ears hurt because she is teething, but what if she has an ear infection that I ignore and then she can't hear anymore, you know?? So, we are off to see the pediatrician.

She is sleeping poorly (OMG I AM TOO OLD FOR THE POOR SLEEP) and tugging at her ears.

But also she is getting a YUGE front top tooth. (**shrug**)

We love HP trivia so much we had to order VOLUME 2:

Dorothy looked like a cute little mouse:
Minnie slept poorly at night but slept in until after 8, like a baby teenager she is.


  1. Poor sweet girl. Also, do I find the HP trivia online? Our 12 year old is obsessed. Thank goodness we live so close to Universal where she can go to Harry Potter world.

  2. We call Dorothy's hairstyle "panda buns" and it is my absolute favorite thing when Syd does them