Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Smelly dog, homeschool, etc.

Oh, friends. Beatrix smelled so terrible that we did the thing we always dread, and we washed her. And dried her.  Never again will I take going to the dog groomer for granted.

Wanted to read 7 books.  Read 6.  PRETTY GOOD!!
Seriously, I wanted to spend more time outside, so I bought lounge chairs (for curbside pick up) because I am a giant fatty who just wants to bask, eat jelly beans, and read Elin Hilderbrand books
Sky on fire for my morning walk!
The boys noticed a bunch of balls in a retention pond on their morning walk, realized all the balls were theirs, and devised a plan for rescuing them.

Fancy for her Zoom meetings.
First grade Zoom:
Second grade zoom!
In her spare time she's writing a book.

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