Saturday, April 04, 2020

Sad Pixar movies and prenatal care

We watched Onward last night for family movie and LOVED IT, but holy cow was it sad.   Like, the beginning of Up sad. Almost Coco sad.

(I recommend it, but holy cow.  BE PREPARED).

I used to LOVE family movie night, but it has kind of been a drag and something we have let slide the last few months. The kids are SO CRABBY when they stay up past their bedtimes, and we have had late hockey practices on Friday nights, blah blah blah. Well, nowadays, we have nowhere to go and can start the movie as early as we like, AND it's important to have some kind of routine. So, family movie night is back!

Last week, we watched Sister Act, which has not aged well but was still a hit with me and Jack. And then last night, Onward. It's a nice way to cap off a week. We have decided to pair it with a total junk food dinner.

In other news, I have gone full-on tin hat and bought my own blood pressure cuff and urine testing sticks because I really really really don't want to go to the midwife's clinic for prenatal appointments.  It's part of a huge clinic that sees all kinds of patients, and the midwives are in and out of the hospital delivering babies and lots of people are asymptomatic carriers, and NO. I got pushback from the nurse I spoke to on the phone about this, but I said I will still get my 20-week ultrasound next week and will do all my other second trimester labs (at a facility that is not seeing respiratory patients).

The nurse kept telling my how low the risk is, but public health guidance is WI is to assume that when you go to a public space you have been exposed. I think if that public space is a clinic like the one I have described, you'd be dumb to assume anything else. So, no.

She gave me quite the lecture on the importance of prenatal care, which I get, but until they adopt a drive up model of care where they run out to my car and do BP and a quick doppler on the baby and accept the cup of pee I drop off, NOPE.

Yesterday was school picture day at Dorothy's homeschool, and all the dolls were present.
 Then she treated me to a really long and super weird concert with an Alexa assist.

 The stuff nightmares are made of:


  1. You are very wise to avoid the clinic, especially over stuff you can do at home and then share the blood pressure numbers with them. I am in a European country strongly hit by COVID and rule number 1 is be way more cautious than what they actually recommend. Because as weeks pass and more people die they increase the measures. But damn! That is too late for a lot of people! Stick to your guns on this, you are totally right.

  2. Emily4:20 PM

    Super strange that they gave you such a hard time. Here in SF at Kaiser they are doing all prenatal appointments virtually except for the big ones / lab tests that can't be done from home. I just had an in-person appt. at 28 weeks because I needed to get 2 injections, but I won't be seen in person again until 36 weeks to check the baby's position. And then MAYBE at 38 weeks they said. I have to take my weight and blood pressure reading at home before each virtual appt.