Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Grocery washing and other anxieties

Well, the thing I was really anxious about happened: our Republican legislature is suing the governor over his Safer at Home order, and because there is a 5-2 conservative majority on the WI Supreme Court, they will probably win.

Way to put politics over science and greed over common sense, guys.

Also, I read this article about COVID tests and early releases for moms heading to local maternity wards, and I am suddenly TERRIFIED to have the baby.

Also also, I do thing where I understand that takeout won't kill us (we still haven';t gotten takeout, and to be honest, we probably will not), and I do not have to wash my groceries, but I cannot even help myself. I take anything that can be taken out of outside packaging out, wipe things that can't be unboxed, and wash and prep ALL PRODUCE the day I bring it home.

While this last thing DOES make my normal dinner prep easier, and DOES make us eat more fruits and veggies for snacks (both huge wins!), it also take way too long. Putting away the groceries has become a multi-hour process.  Silver lining: only once a week?

Are you a grocery washer? Even better, are you a recovering grocery washer and how did you stop?

Other things I am worried about:

  • Opening too soon means we will have to shelter longer later
  • Opening too soon means the kids absolutely cannot g back to school in the fall
  • Opening too soon means my university will not open for real in the fall, which means financial ruin
  • Not being able to take the baby outside until it's almost 2 and a total weirdo
  • Giving birth alone and having something go wrong (normal birth alone sounds A-OK)
  • Teaching the kids at home forever and having them be idiots because their teacher is the worst.
I think the reason all of the above scares me is that I cannot control ANY OF IT.

The boys, doing art
 The boys and I have a pandemic book club. We are reading Z for Zachariah right now, and up mext is Armada.

You got any pandemic anxieties on your mind?


  1. I'm a little bit anxious for alllll of those reasons, but mostly I'm just SO FREAKING ANGRY (which I realize is just a manifestation of the anxiety). It's like all of the idiocy of the last four years has manifested as COMPLETELY BULLSHIT BEHAVIOR in this situation. I want to run around and scream at and shake everyone I see who is not following the rules because they're only going to make things worse and I don't understand how they can't see it. It is--seriously--all of the political and ideological lunacy manifested physically with immediate consequences. And I am FURIOUS.

  2. Love your blog! Just wanted to come here and try to ease some anxiety. I was homeschooled by my mother who did not finish her college education. There were seven other kids in the house. Both my parents believe that the Earth is 7,000 years old and global warming isn't real. My mother is so trapped in her own bubble that she doesn't even know who our vice president is.

    I still was able to move on and get my Masters in a STEM subject. I now have a pretty good job working in logistical systems. I still love my parents and I am able to function mostly normal in society.

    My point is, I think your kids will be fine.:) Even if for some reason you have to help with their schooling for a longer period of time. I 100% believe they will be ok! You are an amazingly resilient woman. I think that whatever mistakes are made(which is normal!) your kids will all be ok in the end.

    Just wanted to let you know as someone who has lived through and seen many homeschool screw-ups.

  3. I completely understand the compulsion to make sure everything from outside is disinfected...
    What is your method for produce? I'm never sure if I'm doing it right.