Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Day one million: same old, same old

When I think about the kids NOT going back to school in the fall, I feel like vomiting everywhere from instant anxiety.  So, that's amazing.  Love it.

How can we do all of the things we are doing now and plus also have a BABY AROUND?!?!?!

Home school is making me crazy because I am pretty sure that Dorothy and Cooper ARE NOT LEARNING as much as they should. And this would not bother me if it was just a temporary thing, but it's THE WAY THINGS WILL BE for awhile, and I just. Gah.

We won't be able to just keep plugging along with district curriculum in the fall. The big decision is do we keep them enrolled and sub in some homeschool stuff too or go rogue and buy our own curriculum, etc?  We will probably do a combo of the two and start the official homeschool stuff this summer.

The thing is, I have always been happy to let school do school, and I have never really encouraged the kids to do academic things at home besides read, and I know this is lazy and terrible, but it has also made me really happy. And now? I have to figure out how to teach children, which is not something IO ever wanted to do or else I would be doing it for my job.

But! So much is wonderful about a BABY!

Dorothy and I went through the most accessible boxes of baby clothes on Saturday.
The greatest hits from all 4 kids:
 I saved most of Dorothy's tiny tiny baby things, but also most of them are covered in poop or puke stains. Lucky little baby 5.
I cannot stop playing Skip Bo-- it is the only game I ever genuinely want to play with the kids. Luckily, Cooper is always up for it.
23 weeks Sunday.  These non-maternity overalls are holding up pretty well.
Dorothy only wears costumes from her dress up bin on the weekends, and I am loving it.

The boys found this picture and recreated it:

And Ben!! Remembered that the 24th is our engagement anniversary (I have never known this date because I am the worst, as I mentioned above) and added lovely flowers to our regular booze, fancy frozen pizza, local ice cream, and gourmet cheese essential pick up.  How sweet!


  1. I love Skip Bo! I will play that with my kids as well. Another fun one is Blink, it's fast paced but it's a crowd pleaser.

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I have read recently that it's actually less time consuming to actually homeschool, because you can power through the day in a lot less time. The school day also contains a lot of busy work. Maybe a homeschool curriculum could be easier than the online component from the public school?? It's a serious question to think about.

    1. It is! I have four kids (12, 10, 8, and 4). At the beginning of the year, our days are often 7 hours long, including lunch and some short breaks. But not, at the end of the year when we know what to do and can get it done, we are done in under 5 hours regularly. That is doing everything for three kids plus letting the 4yo busy as needed and lunch!

      I would focus on getting/finding something for math and language arts. Then you can take a variety of approaches for social studies and science. You can do unit studies, focus on reading living books, watch videos, or go the workbook/textbook route.

  3. We need the kids to recreate more pictures! That was the cutest! And when they make the third version of the recreation in high school and the fourth one after college and the fifth one when they have kids... you’ll get to cry happy tears over and over.
    I love that Dorothy is helping you dig through boxes for baby stuff. She has to be so excited about being a big sister.
    Ben wins spouse of the week
    I totally forgot about Skip Bo. My nephews love game nights and we’ve never played that one.
    Do y’all have Rummikub? I highly recommend it. I used to play it regularly with my friends so I introduced it to my nephews when the younger one was around 9. I was worried it would be too challenging for him but he excelled at it.

    P.s. you need to change your “about” bio

  4. Great reading youur blog