Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Baby pictures!!

I actually LEFT THE HOUSE for my 20-week ultrasound yesterday!

And while I HATED going to a medical facility, it was so great to see her swimming around in there.

She looks perfect and is measuring exactly on track for an August 23 due date. There was a tiny concern with the thickness of my placenta that could lead to extra monitoring next trimester or could just be normal and the shape of my placenta (which looked perfect by every other measure), but I go back in about 5 weeks to have another peek and also to drink that gross glucose drink and do a CBC. I am glad to condense all of my labs to a dingle visit, and I had a tele-medicine appointment today, meaning I don't have to go back to the midwife clinic until 5/18.

I had the first appointment of the day. I encountered no other patients. I wore a mask, as did the tech. I noticed that the front desk women could not stop touching their masks and taking them off to directly touch their faces, but otherwise it was fine.

And I have pictures!

(She was curled up in the teeniest little ball, which is why there's a knee in her face in the 3D pics and why her spine shot looks like a fish)

And here I am at 20 weeks. She only weights 13 ounces.  I have likely gained 13 pounds AT LEAST.

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