Monday, January 27, 2020

This week is making me tired, and it's only Monday morning

Ralph S. Mouse in no Ramona series, but he's not half bad.
 Snow man snow!  Finally!  I love the spray paint buttons, which melted into a pile of gore, and also the wiffle golf ball eyes.
 Taking the old braces out for some Badger women's hockey pregaming at Nitty Gritty.
 He bought a shirt at the game.  Of course he did.
 Cooper sat with his hockey friends and Bucky paid them a visit.  Photo by Jack.
 Dorothy and I had a spa day on Saturday while Ben manned hockey and baseball practices.
 Going for a walk20in20 walk

 We spent more time than we should have watching The Office this weekend.
 Jack had another perfect dentist appointment today and does not need an orthodontist referral (yet).  Could we be so lucky to get one kid with my teeth? Cross your fingers because all the big ones aren't in yet...
So many meetings!  More kid dentist appointments! Lectures! Office hours! Dinners to make! SO MUCH LAUNDRY!

Just another week in paradise.

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