Thursday, January 02, 2020

20 for 20 and my word of the year

Despite last year's abject failure, I am heading into 2020 with unbridled optimism and 20 resolutions.  That I really do want to keep this time.  Seriously.

1. Add 20 minutes to my exercise schedule everyday.  This is an idea stolen from Happier.  The only questions I have are 1. WHERE AM I GOING TO GET 20 EXTRA MINUTES and also should I only add 20 on the days I actually exercise, or should I also exercise for 20 on the days I would normally slack?  I don't know.  See question 1.

2. Buy a pair of those dumb ugly ankle boots that every mom in America wears.  I don't like them and have been waiting for the trend to die, but I am the only mom not baring those few inches of ankle between jeans and dumb ugly boots, so whatever.

3.  Read 100 books. 200 was too stressful, man.

4.  Have weekly budget meetings and watch my savings grow.  SNORE.

5.  Only use reusable grocery bags.

6.  Find a new series to read to Dorothy and Cooper.  This year, we read ALL of the Ramona Quimby books, and they looooooved them.  It might be Harry Potter time, you guys.

7.  20 meaningful yoga sessions.

8.  20 everyday poems.

9. 20 lunch dates with friends.

10.  Stock every room with houseplants and keep them alive.

11. Begin a meditation practice

12.  Eat more blueberries, spinach, and walnuts

13.  Do 2 rounds of Whole30

14.  Drink 75 ounces of water every damn day

15.  Wash the car once a month (inside too)-- I never do this.

16.   Balance stress with kindness

17. Trade off with Ben so we can each sleep in at least once a week.

18.  Reduce the amount of toys in the ouse by 20%.  Three times.  By the third time, imagine how amazing this place is going to look!!

19.  Reduce my screen time usage  on my phone by 20%.  Three times.  By the third time, imagine how much time I will have to do real things!

20.  Figure out how to get out the door for work in the 9's with the house NOT in shambles.

Last year, my word for the year was CORE, and I will say that I totally ignored my abs, and I am largely fine with that. I think the word worked in other ways, like focusing on what's important, etc.

This year, my word is TOGETHER. Like, be together with the people who bring me the most joy and also keep my shit together.  It's perfect!

What about you? Any words or resolutions?

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