Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Adulting complaints, a middle school milestone, and SNOW

Remember last week when I was all oh yeah, I went back to work? Yeah.  It was like ONE DAY, so that hardly counts.

I have not left the house since Friday afternoon and OMG I just looked at my Google calendar for the week ahead, and it is C R A ZY. The kind of crazy that inevitably makes me IGNORE MY GOOGLE CALENDAR.


I am going to pack up my nice purse with adult things like PENS and wear not stretchy clothes and got to meetings and put on a mic and talk to a giant room of students.  But my heart?  IS DOING THIS:
OK, next up, Harry got braces yesterday!
And while he was in the chair (because even though they put the braces on a mold of his teeth-- that we got to keep (?!) ahead of time and then just kind of slip them on his actual teeth, it took FOREVER), Cooper and I had a consult because Cooper's teeth? Well, let's just say the entire world appears to be right about extended pacifier use.

Dorothy asked if she could have braces, too, but at almost seven, she has not lost a single tiny perfect white baby tooth, so your guess is as good as mine.

In a middle school miracle, Jack has not yet been referred, so cross your fingers that someone got my teeth!

Also, look what he can do, speaking of milestones:
And! Finally! (Finally in terms of the last thing on my list to write about and finally because we haven't had any since October), IT SNOWED!

Jack still found time to root for his favorite team, though (and spent the entire 3-day weekend in various pajamas-- he's awesome)
And Dorothy balanced her snow time with a doll tea party for Emerson's birthday and a pretty constant game of Love It or List It using Elsa's castle, a calico critter house, and various animal families.

Ok, back to the real world for all of us today.  Gulp.

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