Friday, January 03, 2020

Post Holiday Adulting

Something ridiculous is happening with my photos syncing from my phone to my computer.  Like, they aren't doing it by themselves, so I have to plug in, and my computer is only USB C, so I need a tiny little adapter which I lose like crazy and blah blah blah.

These are the pics I have to represent our time from 12/29-1/2:

Dorothy trying on a hat at the UW bookstore
 And the lobster caviar pizza my mom and I split on New Year's Eve Eve. 
Let me just say, though, that we had a houseful and saw BOTH SIDES of our family in the last week, and I have lots of cute pics.  But, apparently, not right now.

I am starting the Whole30 today (January 2), and I have to tell you, I am not wildly enthusiastic about it. I didn't plan well, and we have a fridge STUFFED with leftovers I can't eat but very little that I can eat.  Blah.  But!!  I am definitely gaining weight back, so I really need this reset.

After weeks of eating anything and laying around in my pajamas, doing things like using my planner, setting an alarm to work on my adjunct classes, and exercising feel super rough.  Add in a commitment to eat healthy food and drink water everyday, and it's enough to send me to my fainting couch.

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