Friday, January 24, 2020

Another week, more complaints. I am so dreamy.

Another week, more complaints.  I am so dreamy.

Work was hard.

The second shift after work was way harder, especially since Ben had 2 nights where he was super late, which, thankfully, is a rarity.  And boy do I appreciate how rare it is even more after living the alternative.

Luckily, the little  kids and I are reading the Mouse and the Motorcycle series, so that's a delightful half hour at the end of their days.

I think the laundry is trying to kill me.

Otherwise, everything is awesome!

Just look at that grin:
 And that one!
 Cooper's student teacher had her last day, and I got to help the class throw her a surprise party.  So! Many! Muffins!
 It's the tongue:
 Cooper, making a card at the party.
If I do noting else this weekend, I will make sure all three boys get hair cuts.  My god.

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