Monday, January 13, 2020

Whole 30 Drop Out **sad trombone**

Ugh, you guys.  My heart just wasn't in it this round, and I am back on the sweet, sweet carbs.

In true form, I ate like a trash can all weekend, but I am committed to striking a healthy eating balance this week.  Probably a good first step is to STOP BAKING.

We had a lovely and super chill weekend, made even more relaxing my the forecasted YUGE SNOW STORM that never quite was because I went panic shopping on Friday, so that task was off our weekend plates.  I actually think this is something I am going to do moving forward.  If I could squeeze in time on Fridays to do the shopping, not only will we be able to take it a little easier on the weekend, but I think we'll save money in the long run because we won't always go out to eat on Friday nights, which we usually do because we are out of food and ideas and energy.

The kids spent a lot of time sledding in the neighborhood (BY THEMSELVES!  IT WAS AWESOME!) and they had friends over Saturday afternoon for Nerf guns and cocoa/cookies.  Harry went to a sleepover.  We had hockey.  I watched the new Schitt's Creek.  The kids realized they love HGTV.  We watched tons of football.  It was basically the Platonic ideal of a weekend.

They even got to play good old Box.
 Not only can they take themselves sledding (all 4 of them!!), but they can also text pictures.  It's LIKE I WAS THERE.
 He's fun to watch
 The sunglasses!
 Not sure what's going on here.
 You can just barely see his Doc McStuffins back pack, a perfect accessory.

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