Saturday, June 22, 2019


 I told you about my summer survival plan, remember?  Well, today was the first FUN! FUN! FIRDAY!

Theme: Unicorns and Ice Cream

Or, more broadly, magical times and junk food.

Jack kicked it off with Donut Friday at dive team practice, which, luckily, is a weekly fun fun event.
fun fun friday

 I started us off strong with cinnamon rolls from a tube in FUN FUN shapes.

 And Dorothy finally got to pick from the Fun Fun Friday bag! 
 Which was kind of a disappointment because she drew Pump it Up, and their bounce time was unexpectedly cancelled.  So!  We made up a new rule on the fly that the person who gets to pick from the bag gets to decide the next activity if theirs is messed up through no fault of their own.  Kind of a cumbersome rule, but you get the idea.  She picked unicorn sprinkler, and a day was born.

First, math and journaling:
 Dorothy has started just randomly crafting when she is bored, and I love it so much.
 Unicorn time!!
 Totally normal.
 I need to do a good sweep of the back yard for dog poop and use this thing to water the garden.
I love that none of them is actually too cool for this thing.
 Ice cream, round 1!
Ice cream round 2:

We also hit up a different than usual library branch because the kids were all about finding Bucky there (a picture of Bucky that they could spot and then get a temporary tattoo for spotting) because the librarian who came to their school to talk about the summer reading program  made it sound like the most fun ever
We continued FUN FUN FRIDAY well into the evening-- fitting since it was the longest day of the year.

Jack had his first dive meet of the season and got second place with some really hard dives!

Dorothy is such a dedicated spectator:
Then we went to the golf course restaurant for dinner (I ate so much chicken bacon and ranch pizza that I may never eat again, but I am sooooo not sorry about it) and to the movies for a super late (for us) showing of Toy Story 4 at 8 pm.  WE LOVED THE MOVIE and you should see it right away.
Happy weekend!

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