Friday, June 07, 2019

Lunching Ladies

Two of my friends had a birthday yesterday, so it was a long, lovely day of celebrating.  I took a 3-hour hiatus to run kids around to activities, and when I came to the pool after our schedule slowed down, the whole crew was still celebrating.  And even though I was jelly of their day, I had a couple more glasses of wine because WHY NOT? Hashtag summer.

Because I am one thousand years old, I keep randomly taking pictures I don't mean to take when I am looking at my phone.  Usually, I get blurry  foot shots, but I found this pretty OK snap of the restaurant yesterday.  It's this darling little healthy food and fancy cocktail place, and the whole back of the bar and patio area is totally outside.  I love it so much, and the Facebook tells me we have celebrated these particular birthdays here before.
 When our checks came at lunch, I realized I didn't have my debit card because when I ran to Aldi the other day (where I picked up bread, butter, and salad to go with my improvised turkey and pasta dinner casserole and spent $6.67 because Aldi is magical), I tossed it in the bottom of my purse because I had no grocery bags and was carrying out all of my crap and then I changed my purse for lunch.  Everybody loves the friend who has to ask you to buy her lunch at the last second.  (Thank goodness for Cash App)

After lunch, we went to the pool bar for a glass of wine before I had to leave for kiddie pick up (I drank maaaaaaybe 1/4 of this glass) and dance class
 This Isagenix hydrate powder was amazing, BTW.  I might be hooked
 Next I had a slight mom interlude where I let the boys make pizza while home alone (!!!!!!!) and took Dorothy to her final dance classes of the season (it really did fly by, one crazy hectic Thursday at a time-- more on that tomorrow).

Then more celebrations at the pool, and I must say this Trader Joe's sparkling wine in a can is pretty OK.
 And just one more toast in the same spot we had a post-lunch drink, just 5 hours later.
If it wasn't for all of the booze, I could TOTALLY be a lady who lunches full time.

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