Monday, June 17, 2019

Harrison is THIRTEEN. What.

 We had lovely, quiet, teen-y day celebrating Harrison on Friday.

 Cooper likes to light cakes now, so that's scary.
 So many candles he needed to wear shades.  I FEEL THAT.
 Dorothy and Cooper told Ben that they had a really fun day because they got to ride THREE ESCALATORS.
 Everybody loves Target
 Harry needed to take a trip to the mall to spend his birthday cash, so Dorothy was happy to find an old Build A Bear gift card she never used.  Also, SO SAD that this cute little store has been relocated to the middle of the mall, making it a significantly less adorable outing.
 Birthday dinner at a Mexican place downtown where I ate the best steak taco of my life.
The kids were huge fans of the table guac, which came in a cauldron that they ate before you could sail toil and trouble.

 One of many increasingly ridiculous photos.
 See what I mean?
Harry wanted to walk by the capitol and look at the newly raised Pride flags, so we did.

 Birthday kid and sibs:
 (Clearly Dorothy has birthday parties on the brain)
I made everyone take a picture across the street from the bar where Ben had his 40th bday party
Harry bought himself an Apple watch
 I don't think the kids have ever been to Chili's before (Harry has, but not the rest)  WHAT'S EVEN WRONG WITH ME?
 You are officially looking at the parents of a TEENAGER!!!

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