Saturday, June 08, 2019

Dorothies Love Trophies

If you have ever parented on the Internet, and chances are you have because you are reading an old-fashioned mommy blog, then you know that participation trophies get a bad rap.  But look at the smile on this kid's face!
She got trophies for gymnastics and dance this week, and I kind of love that even though these are both rec activities, she has a tangible item to commemorate her hard work and improvement over the course of the year.

Ballet 1:
Tap 1:
Her tap teacher, who is also the studio owner and just so intimidatingly cool, is really, really funny.  She asked the girls if they could do a disco pose (they have a disco tap number that is basically the most adorable thing I have ever seen) without poking each other in the face, and they sort of could!

Dorothy also had show week at The Little Gym.  As you know from this old blog, we have been going to The Little Gym since February 2007, and I hope Dorothy wants to keep taking gymnastics there for awhile to come.  It's the Cadillac of kiddie activities, and we have never found a more incredible, nurturing, supportive place for kids to grow and make friends and figure out how to share with each other and learn new skills.  I am a TLG fan for life.

 (She was being the Statue of Liberty here, OBVI)
 Thanks for everything, The Little Gym of Middleton!  We can;'t wait to see you for camps this summer and to pick up where we left off in the fall.

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