Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The school year's busy last gasp: BRING ON SUMMER

Ok.  I have ALL OF THE PICTURES and I haven't even done a dump from my big camera, which I have been using because, mainly, I really need a new phone.  I have been doing more than wallowing these days, so let me give you a run-down of all of the things we have been doing on our way to summer (which starts TODAY at 3:38 pm, even though it is rainy and 65 degrees.)

Do these people look like the are ready for summer?  I mean ONE OF THEM IS WEARING A SWEATER because Wisconsin weather should be ashamed of itself.
 Harry and I ran errands on Saturday (like sitting in a 90-minute line for swim lesson sign up and watching people cut in front of us are you kidding me?) We also swung by the ol' library and picked up my holds, which were ambitious.
 Who's a pretty girl?
 Dorothy and Cooper and I got all suited up for the pool on Saturday AND THEN THERE WAS A CODE BROWN and we couldn't even go.  Wah-wah. Splash park for the sort-of win!
 Harry had his 13th birthday at a mini-golf place, where the kids also hit a bucket of actual balls on the driving range and had a water balloon fight.

 Also, I don't think I have mentioned this, but Harry is having an effusion right now.  It has been 3.5 years since any fluid has shown up on his echocardiogram, although he has had instances of chest pains without fluid.  He goes back today for another echo and we are hoping the fluid is gone, although I am not super optimistic because he's still having pain.
 Sunday was Dorothy's dance recital day!!  She slept in cute little old lady curlers on Saturday night and marked the occasion with breakfast outside.  And also can you even believe how big our sweet little trees are getting?!
 We got downtown like freakishly early, a total first (and let's face it liklekly last) for us.
 So we pre-gamed with the world's biggest juice at a cute little hispter courtyard coffee shop.
 Lining up for her first number!  Wirth plenty of time for the moms to hit the bar for a mimosa.
 She's on the very end
 We did a quick change in the stair well which was super hectic, but we prepared by making her wear 2 pairs of tights for ballet, so she could take her pink ballet tights off an already be wearing her nude tap tights.  GENIUS.  And she was so brave about the seams.
 Onstage for the finale
 With her cheering crew:
 We had so much fun!
 Cooper scored his first run in baseball at his team's second win!  Coop has had lots of RBI's this season, but his team hasn't had enough of a hitting streak to see him actually come home.  He was stoked (also he played first base and got all of the outs in an inning by fielding the ball and then flying back to touch the bag. So cute!(
 Dorothy wore her dance costumes to school because WHY THE HECK NOT?
 We enjoyed the end-of-year school picnic

 And also Jack's poster on the 1970s that was AWESOME.
 As was his hair.
 After SEVEN YEARS at his elementary school (from 4K-5th grade), Jack attended his VERY LAST PICNIC

 Speaking of lasts:  Dorothy's last kindergarten party and my last kindergarten party.  I COULD CRY just thinking about it.  Except kindy parties are pretty stressful, so there's a silver lining.

We also soaked in some spring nights by having a picnic with friends at our favorite brewery
 She knows how to relax
 Cooper took this one
We managed to sneak out for a date night at a grown up party, which reminds me that we need more date nights.
 I love this dance picture because we were both so darn happy. Since Dorothy's recital, I have scheduled her for FOUR CLASSES in the fall and also bought the recital DVD and pictures.  I drank the koolaid, what can I say?
 I mean.  SHE WAEARS THE COSTUMES TO SCHOOL.  All the heart eyes.
Okay.  There you have it.  We are ready for today's 5th grade completion ceremony, report cards, and all of the children who will be at our house tonight to celebrate.  And we almost cannot even call them children anymore.

Bring it summer, we are ready for you.  Even though we are not actually ready because sending the kids to school and sitting quietly in an empty house has been amazing and I am already ready already for winter break.

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