Friday, June 14, 2019

Last day of school// First day-last day pics// First day of SUMMER

The title pretty much sums this whole thing up.

Jack opened his fifth grade graduation gifts early in the morning because we had a busy afternoon on the schedule (also WHY DID WE START THIS TRADITION? WE ARE DUMB)
 Then I left in a huff and a hurry to take Harry to a follow up cardiology appointment and go to a freshman orientation parent session, so I missed all of the last day pics.  But!  Ben and his portrait mode phone (I am holding out for the next model and taking terrible pics in the meantime) stepped up to the plate big time.

 Can you even believe how big they are????

Ben and I had a lovely time at Jack's fifth grade completion ceremony, and we neglected to rescue the little kids from their classrooms for it because it was nice to be there by ourselves.

But seriously most of my view of the ceremony was this because PHONES ARE THE DEVIL
I managed a few shots of the graduate in action

Afterward they had a cute little cake and punch reception with a baby picture slideshow and the kids got to literally rip their self portraits off the wall.  SO ADORABLE!

 Then we waited in the rain for the other kiddos.  Their school does a sweet bubbles and music celebration that is more fun when it's NOT 50 and raining.

 Best teacher ever.  Jack had her for 4K and Dorothy and Cooper for K, and I am going to miss her so much.

And this one!  From 4K to fifth grade:
Harry and Jack both had friends over to celebrate the start of summer, and then all of the kids had friends over the next day, so I fed my kids plus 8 others 2 meals in a row, and things were basically happy chaos.  Also Jack lost Cooper for a solid 20 minutes (I found him biking about a half mile away from home crying and looking for Jack-- and I ran like a crazy person next door to make sure Dorothy .could stay there while I looked.  It was terrible and I seriously want to buy Cooper a phone).  You would be surprised how quickly things can change from happy chaos to ACTUAL chaos.  

But still, we are off to an excellent start:
Math in the morning (also silent reading time.  Also!  Everyone has a journal!)
 Screen time Thursday for the qwin!
 Cooper is KILLING the chore chart so far

 A chilly pool day is still time to read all by myself
 I put this out before bed last night because TODAY?  WE HAVE A TEENAGER!!

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