Monday, June 03, 2019

Dance Rehearsal Weekend

Dorothy LIVES for her dance recital dress rehearsal and the big show.  Ever since her costumes came in and she got her pictures taken at the studio-- which is when we prep the hair and makeup and when she really starts to get excited-- she has been talking about it almost everyday.

Spoiler alert:  we had a total blast at the rehearsal.  Her studio is really excellent at making everything cool and fun.  Her dance teacher teaches yoga two days a week at the kids' old perfect preschool, and every activity and every person we have ket through that school has been a delight.

For one thing, this venue is way, way cooler than I am, but now that I have been there, I am TOTALLY getting tickets for Vampire Weekend because OMG!

 Pre-dance coffee
 This place was also just a teeny bit too cool for us
 We were sooooo early, which, as you know, is totally unlike us, so I got Dorothy dressed class style in my car so she could watch her friends for awhile after her finale dance
 Practicing the finale.  I missed the note about bringing a blanket to sit on in the pit, but luckily everyone else was super well prepared so I could join.
 Pirate Booty while she waited for her number
 Backstage ballerinas
 Always the teeniest kid on stage
 Ready for tap!
 Wating in the wings.
 OMG this number is adorable.

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