Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I love American Girl. But you guys!    PRETENDING TO DO LAUNDRY does not build imagination.  AND WHO THE FUCK IRONS TOWELS?  Maybe it does build imagination.  The imagination to COME UP WITH PAID FAMILY LEAVE FOR EVERYONE because this shit?  Should not just be a girl's job.
 Gymnastics week because it was the last session of the term, so parents got to come and watch.

 Also him.
 Cooper is really strong, BTW.  His little ab muscles are out of control.
 Usually Ben takes the little kids to their afternoon class, but I joined for parents' week because I felt like such a deadbeat working mom.

 And then tonight!  Jack had his last class of the term.  So sweet and adorable.

I don't have a lot to say because I just watched Hillary's Children's Defense Fund speech, and it destroyed me.

Start at 34:41 to see the best part, but honestly the whole thing is worth a watch.

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