Saturday, November 12, 2016

So many sprinkles

Adorably, the kids LOVE to make cut out sugar cookies ALL OF THE TIME.  Dorothy and Cooper are completely excellent at it because both of their preschool classrooms do a lot of activities with flubber and play doh, so they can roll out and press shapes like little pros.

We were supposed to make these the other day, but Dorothy WOULD NOT STOP eating dough, and I was just so bummed that I could not deal, so we put it away for another day.  But really, I have to plug cookie-making as an EXCELLENT, low maintenance, cheap activity.  It's a little messy to clean up because the kids get flour and sprinkles EVERYWHERE, but the fun factor makes up for it.  I also only make half of this recipe because the making is definitely more fun for them than the eating part.

 She LOST IT when she realized that I didn't make any frosting.


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  1. The no frosting picture cracks me up! The struggle is real!