Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Limping toward the finish

I just wrote my December post for Madison Moms Blog (not up yet, obvi because it is still November as evidenced by my sad limp across the NaBloPoMo finish line), and I realized that I don't miss our Elf on the Shelf and am not looking forward to his impending arrival.

Also?  I ned to go through all of my old hard drives an make sure every picture I have ever taken of my kids is safely in the cloud no matter how much that costs.  Winter break goals.

Additionally, scouring my photos for shots of Toofy makes me realize we need to move our couch to a totally new position to accommodate a tree, and I am also excited about that.  Ben will be THRILLED.

Story time yesterday featured books about being sick, prompting Dorothy to launch into several time-that-I-puked stories.  But thank good ness for story time because it was the only cute 30-minutes of my crazy busy day, giving me the opportunity to snap the one and only picture I took in the last 24 hours.  Yikes.

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