Thursday, November 03, 2016

Holy Cow

 Something I like about blogging everyday is that it forces me to take more pictures because I need things to talk about, even when I am in my boring office doing work things most of the day.  I mean, I tok a pic of my damn latte the other day.  (But I only put it on Instagram where I try to do a picture everyday because I had books and Halloween to talk about here.)  And as a result, I remember tiny things that I might otherwise forget-- like how much I love this double-bun-wrapped-with-ribbons 'do on Dorothy or how she always comes straight home from ballet and changes out of her dance clothes and gets to work very seriously on the coloring page she's sent home with every week.
 Or, you know, just how adorable I think she is pretty much every minute of the day.
 But chances are I would have taken lots of pictures of last night anyway because the Cubs were playing in game 7 of the world series.  And we're kind of fans.  (I am literally kind of a fan, but Ben is, you know, one of those Chicago suburbs SUPER FANS, and Harry and Jack think everything he likes is so so cool-- even cargo pants, which-- OMFG).  So we told them they could stay up and watch the game.  And then suddenly it was extra innings and a rain delay and midnight.  On a school night.  Oops.  POTY for sure.
 Ben didn't handle the stress of the last 40 or so minutes very well.
 Harry and Jack ate more than Terry Francona -- seriously.  That guy had something in his mouth every time he was on camera.
 Ben couldn't even sit still
 He kept saying he needed space and didn't even want to take a selfie.  But that didn't deter me, obvs.
 These guys were chipper the whole time but I bet they are a world of fun in class today.
 Celebrating the big W:

All right, all right.  AS USUAL these papers are not grading themselves.  See you tomorrow!

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