Monday, November 21, 2016

I am the boringest

Sunday saw me emerging from the depths of a hangover to take 3/4 of the kids to hockey (where Harry scored 2 goals and got 2 assists and was the assistant captain-- he was SO PROUD of the stick-on "A" on his jersey-- despite being late almost.  On the way out his coach said he played so well he should always be late. I was like, for sure-- I can sooooo help with that).  Dorothy LOVES to dance to the trashy hockey music when the whistle blows and between periods, so she was a jolly little companion.

And before we even left, I made a Pioneer Woman meatloaf and stashed it in the fridge to wait for dinner.  Which might not seem like a big deal, but 2 words: fireball fountain.

After hockey, I escaped for a few hours to grocery shop, dragging myself around in the gross workout clothes that I slept in and never changed out of, no makeup (see above), a scraggly bun.

I was so out of it still that I almost bought this for Ben:

 I also wandered around H&M and almost bought an amazing dress and lace bralet thing because the dress was open in the back but ultimately didn't buy it because it was too racy to ever wear to work.  I am the bornigest.

Dorothy and Cooper helped me make chocolate espresso icing for a truly great yellow cake, which was a lovely way to cap off the weekend.
 ...Aaaaand then I forgot that I needed to assemble gift bags and a paper turkey craft for Jack's class party, sending me BACK to the store-- Wal Mart this time) and keeping me up til 11, which was about 3 hours later than I wanted to be up.  Sigh.


  1. In my feed your titles ran consecutively, so it was "I am so boring" "Fireball Fountain" :P
    Anyone who can still hang with a Fireball anything, and still go make-up-less the next day, is doing something right!

  2. Lisa R.10:33 AM

    My husband saw that suit last Friday. He held it in his hands for an uncomfortable 30 seconds until I said "What the carp are you doing?" (we had two of three kids with us, hence the "carp"). He turned ever so slowly and told me he would wear it everyday until Christmas. I'm sure his pest control company would just ADORE that. *insert eye twitch*

    I still haven't heard the end of it...

  3. Do you have a great recipe for yellow cake?