Thursday, October 01, 2015

Terrible horrible no good-- you get the idea

I am so annoyed right now. The babies and I are sitting in the car while Jack has football practice. My plan was to run around a little and get some more steps since I have been at work sitting on my  ass ALL DAY but here I am, on my ass again and destined for the treadmill. Or elliptical. Same diff. But, anyway, the reason we are in the car is because it is dusk and too cold to be comfortable playing at the park even with light Northface coats and pumpkin hats.


Dorothy! Has her first school-related virus. She threw up twice yesterday and has been fairly miserable all day. Poor little thing. 
Cooper had his 4 year check up today and got a boatload of vaccines. He was not brave at all, but we told him he was, like you do. 

Yesterday, I dropped my earring while I was putting it on, and it vanished! I was upset pretty quickly because I timed my morning pretty exactly and I was looking forward to being worked it, showered, made up and accessorized before breakfast so I could clean up the breakfast mess before the preschool drop off gamut. That way, the 2.5 hours a day where all the kids were gone would be MINE FOR THE TAKING. 

Instead I wasted so much time crawling around on the bathroom floor that I was getting super antsy. So I shouted not very gently for Ben. Which made Dorothy cry. I assumed I had just startled her until Ben started shouting. I dashed out of our room to see her standing in the hall next to/inside of a volcano of brown vomit. It was horrifying. And Cooper stepped in it OF COURSE. 

I took off my scarf and rolled up my jeans and put her in the tub/scrubbed the floor and walls while Ben resumed earring searching. He couldn't find it, and I was super pissy, especially because every time I clean up the puke, I get sick myself in about 3 days. 

I stayed home with pukey  and kept Cooper home too so we didn't have to leave and took the second shower of my morning to wash off the puke. 

I looked everywhere for the earring. I took apart both sinks. I worried that it was on my scarf (although I swore I heard it hit the ground in a muffled way) which I flung off onto my unmade bed, so I searched all the bedding and even removed the duvet cover. I cleaned out the vacuum canister, vacuumed everywhere and went through the canister with a flashlight. I got a voodoo doll worth of hair out of both sink drains. I looked everywhere. 

Then I called the insurance agent because the earrings are scheduled on our policy and he talked me out of filing a claim right away because he said they always turn up somewhere. 

Dorothy seemed better, so we took all the kids to an elementary school dinner fundraiser at Chipotle. All the kids' friends were there, and they had a rowdy blast. But Dorothy  and Cooper were a handful, and it took 40 minutes to get our food because of a big online order. At the exact second Ben brought the food to our table, Dorothy puked again. All over everything/everyone/Ben, etc. 

She is notthrowing up today (YET) and her night was uneventful-- even though we    tented her room with sheets just in case. 

While I was at work today, Ben thought of the one place we hadn't looked for my earring,  AND HE FOUND IT:

My hero!


  1. Bomma3:41 PM

    so glad you got thru the pukey time ( and didn't yourself,yet), and also great husband to find your earring...hope everyone feels better soon....Bomma

  2. At least the earring wasn't covered in puke?