Sunday, October 18, 2015

Worst blogger ever.

I have not meant to become the WORST BLOGGER EVER.  But, alas.

So, I have been doing this insane thing where I don't drink any alcohol on weeknights.  I KNOW.

As a result, when we met 20 of our closest friends for dinner and a trip on a party bus to a haunted forest, I got pass out drunk on 3 glasses of wine and LOST MY BURBERRY SCARF that was tied around my damn neck.  WHO DOES THAT?

Seriously, everyone had an awesome time on the bus on the way home, and I SLEPT in my chair.  I stumbled grumpily into a townie bar and kind of slumped there until we could leave and then counted the minutes until I would be home asleep in my own bed.  And Ben threw up twice the next morning.

But, scarf aside (and that REALLY makes me sad/mad), we had an awesome time.

I have taken about a million pictures of the kids-- some on my real camera, even.  But here's a little glimpse into why we call Dorothy "Girl Jack":

Jack, October 2011
Dorothy, October 2015

OK.  I know next month is NaBloPoMo, but I am going to start early at Harry Times.  Starting NOW, I am going to post everyday through December 1.  You know, to get the rust off.


  1. I'm assuming you called the forest people? I can't imagine that you were the first drunk chick to lose a piece of clothing in her fright ;)