Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Looooong day. Real long. Making me rethink this no drinking on week days thing.

This day has been INTERMINABLE.

Ben had a conference today, and I was home the whooooooole day, from 5:45 am when he left until 6:15 when he got home just in time for me to take Jack to Cub Scouts.  Usually, I try to shirk Cub Scout duty, but NOT TODAY.  I am happily sitting at a table in a community room at the local police station enjoying super fast city wi-fi and getting ready to read my book.  Aaaaah.

Rocking the holiday socks again:
 These two started their day off right with some after-breakfast Play-Doh
 And spelling homework.
 Dorothy and Cooper and I went to Michaels, ostensibly for Halloween party supplies, but all we bought was paint supplies and cupcake pan liners.  FAIL.  But painting killed a good hour until lunch, giving me time to vacuum, do laundry, make banana muffins, etc.

 After school, the big boys joined in on the painting fun to paint pumpkins.

 I pretty much love them.
 Tomorrow, I have bonus office hours while the babies are at preschool, because my students have a paper coming in on Thursday.  Then Harry has a doctor's appointment to which I have to bring both little kids.  Then Cooper and Harry both have hockey.  Thursday, Ben an I have to do Halloween party shopping.  Friday, I am bringing non food treats to preschool and healthy Halloween snacks to 4th grade and 2nd grade.  Then, we are hosting  party and the school has a trunk-or-treat event.  Not to mention teaching and being buried under a million research papers.  Gah!  The Halloween spirit around here, though, makes it easy to be enthusiastic.  These kids are SO EXCITED to wear their costumes-- Halloween is like the best day ever to be a little kid.


  1. In my next life I want to come back as a Jedd kid.

  2. Where do you find your energy???