Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Hey, blog. Long time no see.

Have I mentioned that I have 40 students this semester?  This might not seem like much to someone like say MY HUSBAND who teaches 6 classes a semester and has 120 students.  But for me, who is used to teaching ONE CLASS with 25 students, 40 is a big jump.  See, I redesigned the upper-level criticism class I teach to be half online, half in-person.  As a result, I can accommodate more students but still achieve the chummy discussion-like setting I enjoy. It's really cool and fun except that I am ALWAYS on the discussion board or grading something, and I still don't know everyone's names.

Today, I worked from home under a huge pile of grading and with crippling PMS.  I have had PMS for days now, but today, it was so bad, I could not even make a decision about which shade of dark red nail polish to take with me to my pedicure appointment.  I felt like my life was really rough even though Ben was on kid duty, and I worked a full day in my jammies then took a long, long walk, got my nails done, and went to the movies.  I mean, seriously.

As has become our usual state of affairs, we have been busy as a one-armed paper hanger this week.  Every week.  Also, nobody uses that comparison anymore, huh?

Look who's NOT been busy.
 It should come as no surprise that Dorothy is over her high chair.  She uses the big girl potty and sleeps in a big girl bed.
 But hot DAMN does she make a big mess.
Beatrix doesn't mind.
 We discovered a new favorite park that is about 3000 steps or so away from home (round trip)
 Bossy Dorothy loves it.
 They all do, really
 Tiny Professor Baby Henry came to visit.
 Cooper modeled my favorite summer lipstick
 We went to a really fun 5K at the kids' school on Saturday and then took a screamy trip to Costco and a mildly traumatizing because everyone was screaming trip to a pizza place.
 I got up at 4:30 yesterday and worked a 10-hour day before going to a PTO meeting where I managed to take a picture of myself from inside my purse without using my hands.  Hmm.


  1. Dorothy looks very happy with a baby in her arms.

  2. LOL at the purse picture. I find the weirdest stuff on my camera. I think someone in phone software design is toying with us all.

    Forty is a lot of students. I have sixty this semester after having forty last semester. Grading is unreal!