Saturday, September 26, 2015

The book fair is OVER!

The Scholastic book fair at the boys' school has eaten my life.  But last night was the last night, and now my life is mine again.  I will spare you the details because seriously.  It was a book fair.

It was a big week.

I decided to finally get my fat ass in check and I bought Shakeology shakes, and they are AMAZING.  They taste great, and you can mix up the recipe a bit for different flavors. And-- and this is the best part-- they have cut my junk food cravings in half, and they keep me full all day!  Except for today when I decided to drink wine and eat salami and chocolate chips after the kids went to bed, I have had NO ALCOHOL, and I have eaten between 1100 and 1300 calories, a good 1500 below what my Fitbit tells me I have burned.  I have lost 2 pounds (but gained like 6 this summer, so I have a way to go).  But here's the best, best part-- I HAVEN'T BEEN HUNGRY or felt deprived and crabby at all!!  These shakes make me feel so full.  I eat one for lunch because lunch is where my eating has spiraled out of control, but on days I need to work in my office, I have one for breakfast and pack a sack lunch.  Seriously awesome.  I have finally stopped lying to My Fitness Pal.

Last night, Harry and Jack had a slumber party, and everyone was up late because we went to the last night of the book fair and a literacy event at school.  And today? Everyone was a mess.  The boys woke Ben and me up at 5:45 because our room is right above Harry and Jack's.  We had to feed everyone breakfast, walk the dog and all the friends hime, pick up donuts and coffee, and make it to Harry's soccer game by 8:30.  Then we came home and scrambled to clean up the kitchen and basement, grocery shop, and throw together crockpot chicken noodle soup and pumpkin brownies before parting ways so Ben could take Harry to football and the rest of us could go to Jack's soccer game.  We met up at Jack's football game and then came home for a screamy dinner and outside playtime before finally, mercifully, putting everyone to bed.

We have been just as crabby as the kids, by the way.  I was so annoyed that Dorothy wouldn't stop stepping on the juice boxes we brought for Harry's soccer team that I scooped her under my arm and dragged everyone to the car to look at iPads and shriek.  IT WAS SO FUN.

Earlier in the week, we had nursery school picture day, and these 2 wore the outfits they chose.

 I caved and bought Coper a box of corn dogs at the store, but I only serve them with fruit and veggie smoothies.  Ugh.
 Not sure what was going on with her lunch and her Paw Patrol guy.
 Aaaaand it's my favorite outfit of the week.  He looks like a dancer.
 Oh, yeah.  The Cub Scouts seem less horrifying than they have been at a national level, so we let Jack join, despite serious misgivings.  He hasn't gotten his book, slide, and scarf.  So that's why I am procrastinating on the patches.
 Literacy game days!  Volunteers sign up to babysit grade levels for 2-hours at a time so teachers can give assessments to individual kids.  It was really fun the first couple of times, but now I feel obligated.
 Dress as your favorite book character.  A wild thing:
 And Almanzo Wilder
 Bought a thing of cream cheese the size of my fruit bowl at Costco because it's not pretty when we run out of cream cheese in the morning.  Fortunately that won't happen for another 3 pounds.
 A healthy snack for the soccer sneauxflakes.

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  1. I love that Harry still loves Farmer Boy! I'll be interested to hear what you think about Boy Scouts. We purposely avoided it, but I love the GS for all the opposite reasons (inclusive, tolerant, etc.) So now Syd's in it and it's underwhelming.