Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stuff and...

 We have had some completely amazing weather.  As high as 80s on a recent weekend, but mostly in the 60s and 70s by day and the 50s by night.  It's been heavenly.

Ben and I have reverted to our old summer ways to never have to clean the kitchen and have been feeding the little kids lunch at the park and feeding everyone dinner outside at night.  If only it didn't get dark so soon.  Sigh.

We took advantage of warm weather to clown around at the pumpkin patch and pick some apples.  (Which right now are languishing on my counter even though I have already made muffins.  I hope to turn them into something fattening tomorrow).

 We are doing this crazy thing that the rest of bougie America probably already does and are not letting the kids watch TV or play WiiU or hang out on Harry's laptop in the morning before school.  They have been filling their time really sweetly, and Jack pops out of bed to read a book and write in his reading log first thing in the morning because he is the sweetest.
 Cubs Scouts.  Jack loves it but OMG is it a pain in my ass.  ANOTHER event to drag everyone to in the dark when it should be bedtime.  For the pack meeting at school the other night, I brought the supplies for Dorothy and Cooper to make Fruit Loop necklaces.  MOTY for realz.

(YOU GUYS!  One of our neighbors in Young Mother of Year,and my boys are SO IMPRESSED.  I referred to myself sarcastically as mother of the year, and Harry was really excited and said "Did you win, too"  L  O  L.)

 Sometimes it;s cute to come upon your kids playing.
 But sometimes coming upon the remnants of their play is creepy as fuck.
 Other times, you see they've turned a tent into a cozy reading place with books for everyone and then it's cute again.
 Speaking of cute again...
 Harry picked an interesting combo for school on Monday.
 ...Aaaand Dorothy and Cooper only want to sleep in costumes.

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