Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More fall random cuteness

 HOW CUTE IS MY LITTLE CUB SCOUT???  I have serious, serious, serious issues with the horrible Boy Scouts of America national entity, BUT they are no longer bigots by decree as of July, so what the hell.  Harry kind of wants to join, too-- we didn't let him because the BSA is HORRIFYING, but now he has so many sportsball commitments that it looks unlikely.  Jack, though, is prime age and SO EXCITED to don his dorky uniform.

Dorothy and Cooper and I have been spending a lot of time at the zoo, where Dorothy is scared of the carousel which is really not at all scary, especially for someone who braved Dumbo and the teacups at Disney World.

 But she asks me to snugget (snuggle) her, so how can I resist?  Cooper is not at all scared and thinks Dorothy is kind of a weirdo.

 We even got to go to the zoo with Dorothy's friends from school, which was kind of fun.  We ditched them early to ride the rides and go to Trader Joe's, which I think was kind of scandalous, but what are you going to do? A family needs pumpkin flavored everything before nap time, you know?

 Baby Henry spent a few hours with us on Saturday, and Dorothy wnet out of her little head with jealously.
 As you can see, he was nattily dressed for the fall weather and enjoys a good park.

 Cooper was delighted when he woke up from nap and realized Dorothy was still asleep and Harry and Jack were at sportsball.  THE BABY WAS ALL HIS.
 OMG Dorothy.  She has discovered her love of Fancy Nancy and is super duper fancy pretty much everyday.  The shoes she is wearing in that picture are for her Halloween costume, but she needs to wear them all the time, even in bed.  So, now she has 2 pairs, one for outside and one for inside, and it;s been almost a week and they haven't gotten old and her feet stink 24/7.


  1. I love the picture of Dorothy and you snuggeting. Sooo cute. I noticed she had another bandaid on the bridge of her nose. How does she bump that location so often? Also curious if she's Dolly at school still?

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    For the foot stink, just make her wear cotton socks with them all the time. (You shouldn't have too much trouble finding thin ones.)