Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween is my favorite


I am drunk, have had TONS of candy, and have eaten a pound (conservative estimate) of yesterday's buffalo chicken dip in addition to leftover pizza from our party yesterday and delicious party food from the twin party our friends had today.  Calories are not a thing on Halloween.  I mean, duh.

She decided to beat the cold by layering her beloved "purple dress" over the monkey suit that used to be Harry's, creating a human Build-a-Bear effect.

 Also, she and Cooper ate candy today starting at like 8 when they loaded up the trick or treat bowl.
 OMG CANDY and Bailey's
 Skeleton and monkey ready to roll
 They were just so cute ringing doorbells.
 So many adorable kids
 And then they came home to see their sweet little cousin.
 Halloween 2015:  pretty awesome  Cooper kept stopping tonight saying "Mommy, I just love trick or treating so much."  I totally feel the same way.

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