Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Salami and wine

Today I broke my no-drinking-on-weekdays rule AND I ate a bunch of salami because FUCK,

Okay, first of all, remember how yesterday I was all "Oh I need to go to sleep?"  WELL, Dorothy could not fall asleep until 11:30 because she took a nap yesterday.  You guys, the nap is officially DEAD TO US.  Cooper happily napped for 2 hours and then scampered off to bed at 7.  And then he woke up at 5 and woke up the boys by jumping in Harry's bed, and everyone had been a crabby asshole all day.  There is no more napping.  I will not get another nap until Dorothy goes to kindergarten.  This is terrible news.  Also, Dorothy and Cooper were SO TIRED ALL DAY.

Second, I had to take Dorothy, Cooper, and Harry to the doctor for Harry today, and it was terrible.  SO TERRIBLE.  There was much waiting in an 8X8 box while Dorothy and Cooper battled over a gallon Ziploc bag of Halloween crafts and Harry shredded the paper on the exam table and banged his feet against the metal table legs so hard I had to bite my tongue to keep from snapping at him.  I ended up talking to the doctor (and her resident because OF COURSE) while sitting on the floor with Cooper on my lap and Dorothy trying to sit on my shoulder like a parrot.  At one point, Dorothy could not tear her washi tape where she wanted to, and she let out an ear splitting scream and did a death drop into tantrum position face down on the filthy floor.  "She's recently stopping napping," i explained as she hit Cooper in the mouth with her Paw Patrol garbage truck.  (That poor resident will probably never have kids and not just because she ignored the ticking of her biological clock to go to med school.  Kidding. Not about the not having kids part).

Third, we went to the doctor because schools suck and we finally decided to try meds for Harry's ADHD.  It just seems like lately, Harry is spending all of his time using the skills he has learned during the past 2 years of cognitive behavior therapy, and he's having less and less success with his friends.  He's doing OK academically, but the social piece is starting to suck for him, and we're worried about co-morbidities like self esteem issues.  But still.  He had an awesome summer, and it's gross that the formal structure of school affects him adversely.  I kind of hate school and am considering homeschool as the next plan of attack.  But!  He has to exist in society eventually.  So.  ADHD meds.  I feel so conflicted because everyday I see thousands of anti-ADHD diagnosis articles on Facebook and in the popular press, and it's true that part of me hates that schools want kids to be tranquilized zombie test taking monkeys.  The resident asked if Harrison has trouble sitting still and I was like well, I mean, we don't like him to have be in situations where sitting still is the expectation, BUT WHY DO FUCKING SCHOOLS?  Anyway, I get that he is having trouble with friends on sports teams, at home on play dates, and in class, and all the ADHD books say kids need to affected in 3 different environments for it to really be ADHD (and he's been evaluated in lots of different ways over the past 4 years), and I understand it's not his school's fault exactly that he's having trouble, but I have some issues with the way the structures he encounters everyday affect his life.  This is a thing we're trying, a new tool in the box.  But yuck.

If you add all these things up, you obviously get wine and salami, am I right?


  1. Yes, that sounds like a wine and salami day.

    How does Harry feel about taking meds?

  2. Yeah, that sucks. Especially if you're inclined to tilt anti-meds. I love the American public school system, but they could do so much better!

  3. When I win the lottery I will open a school for boys because schools are not designed to best serve them. In the meantime, do what works. We did a LOT of trial and error before we found a good situation for E, and it's still a huge struggle. Also, remember that he has a lot of tools. The meds might be what works best now, but that doesn't mean he'll always need to use it. You're intelligent, thoughtful parents doing what's best for your kid. Don't beat yourself up.
    And wine.

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