Monday, May 05, 2014

Not very essential essentials.

That's the only photographic evidence I have that today exists.  A text message of the half-assed grocery list I made and forgot.

Top half is from the regular store for teacher appreciation events at school (also need stuff to make brownies for Thursday), and the bottom half is crap I need from Whole Foods, plus dish soap.  Such a strange list of stuff but you know what?  IT IS ALL ESSENTIAL.  And we have been out of olive oil for like 3 weeks and butter is not cutting it anymore.

TODAY IS A DAY.  Which would have been a more effective sentence had I not capitalized everything in it.  It's just been so busy.  Tons of PTO events going on, all of the end-of-semester details that pile up on me because 30-day months really screw up my timeline anyway and the end of the semester comes with so much crap and grading and meetings and emails.  Gah.

And we will be on a beach and then at the happiest place on earth in less than 3 weeks and I still need to buy all of the things.  Hats for the baby!  Swim suits for the baby!  Dresses for the baby! T-shirts for the boys!  A maxi dress or 2 for me!  A Vera Bradley cross body bag! YOU KNOW, the ESSENTIALS.

And our new bedroom furniture comes tomorrow which means I need a duvet for under the cover (ours are all maxed out right now), a dust ruffle, a handful of throw pillows and the time to go get all of those things.

When I write it all put, nothing sounds very essential.  Ah, perspective.

EDITED TO ADD:  Solved the baby swim suit and maxi dress issues just now on the interwebz.  

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