Thursday, May 22, 2014

Countdown to Disney World

I am not going to say that we are in the process of over packing for vacation, but I will say that we are taking 29 bathing suits with us to the state of Florida.

Also, I need to stop calling it a vacation because Dorothy (who has only 4 teeth) is getting, oh ALL OF THE REST OF THEM, and she is simply HORRIBLE.  It is a trip, not a vacation.

Cooper gets really into clean up.
 Realized that I cannot change the SIZE of my body before it hits the beach on Saturday, but I can change the COLOR, so I donned my smallest bikini and hit the backyard with a book and a blanket.
 Harry joined me.
 Jack did, too.  He asked me why we didn't always "do the tanning."  I said, "Well, it's not really safe.  You can get skin cancer."  He said "Why are we doing this then?  Are you crazy?" and moved to the shade before running into the garage for a huge bottle of sunscreen.
 This box contained all of these snacks, plus some sun screen, plus 5 different types of diapers (Dorothy, Cooper, Cooper nighttime, Dorothy swim, Cooper swim), and 24 organic milk boxes because all 4 kids like to wake up with a glass of milk. We spent around $200 filling it up. AND THEN WE PAID $180 TO SHIP IT TO OUR DISNEY HOTEL.  Definitely the most ridiculous and stupid use of money this week.  And we have bought some stupid and ridiculous shit in the last few days.
 Like today when we decided that Harry, Jack, and Ben needed new shoes and that Harry needed a couple extra pairs of shorts and another swim suit (yes, for real).  And we were in such a hurry to BUY MOAR STUFF that I left the house looking like this: 


  1. Vacation mania! It's totally a thing (as evidenced by my desperate late night runs for string cheese and baby sneakers for a non-walking baby.)

  2. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Next time just order everything on Amazon prime and have it shipped to the hotel?