Friday, May 02, 2014

If I don't wake Cooper up in about 10 minutes I am going to really regret it at 7:00 when I am ready for him to go to bed, but he isn't

Last night, we went bedroom furniture shopping and finished that horrific chore (seriously you guys shopping for furniture with children IS THE WORST THING TO DO WITH CHILDREN-- I would rather take all of these idiots to the symphony! Or to a 5-start restaurant! Or on an airplane-- oh, yeah-- doing that in 3 weeks) just in time for dinner.  The children freak the freak out if they don't eat dinner by like 5:25 AT THE LATEST, so we had no choice but to take them to the closest establishment we could find.  Which was a Culver's located mere steps away from the furniture store.  

 Nothing classier than a baby eating fast food.  SHE LOVED IT.
They were too cool to sit with us.  Whatev.
Cooper relented and joined us at the baby table where he lovingly fed Ben his fries (that he dipped in ketchup)

Immediately after that gourmet meal (that Ben and I did not eat because fast food? That shit is BAD FOR YOU said the PARENTS OF THE YEAR), I took Harry and Jack to math night at their school.  It was super fun (I mean it-- no sarcasm there).

This morning I hauled the babies around the neighborhood so I could exercise before nap time because I had more important things to do during nap time.  But the only way they will stay in the stroller long enough for me to burn 375 calories is if I take them to the park afterwards.

Cooper brought  dish towel to the park, and I didn't know why (and he couldn't really tell me) but it was to wipe off the slides!  Because they are always wet in the morning!  HOW CUTE IS THAT?

Pigtails.  My favorite.
The park is his happy place.

We went to the grocery store from the park, Cooper lured home with the promise that he could push a little cart.  Holy hell.  That is always so fun for him and hellish for me.  Also, he bought a bag of chips, some goldfish crackers, a pack of cookies, and a random loaf of wheat bread, BTW.

Dorothy did a little ottoman cooking while I threw together some chicken noodle soup.
Nap time WAS for more important things.  LIKE MAKING S'MORES BARS
We are in the middle of a big room re-do.  And it is CHAOS.  I hate chaos.
But I like pretty new bedding!


  1. Melt my heart that he brought dish towel for the slides. How cute!!

    I about had a full blown panic attack buying new living room furniture with the kids in tow. I *hate* shopping as it is and feel buying furniture to be up there with hellish chores like going to the post office, but bringing kids along is a recipe for a nervous break down.

  2. Mmmm. S'mores bars! Aren't they amazing? I had to eat them quick so I would stop eating them. I love your new bedding! Very pretty.
    Are you walking or running with the babes to burn 375k? I need to add something in and I'm burnt out on the running :(

  3. I LOVE the trio of pics with Ben, Cooper, & the French fries. Sooo sweet

  4. My kids have to eat early like Golden Girls too.