Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day: Maybe the best one yet (In random picture order thanks a lot, Blogger)

 I slept in a little this morning after realizing that Dorothy was up for the day at 4:47 and handing her to Ben who did a little online teaching in the quiet 90 minutes before everyone else woke up.

Then I ate cookies for breakfast, had a killer workout (shaved 4 minutes off my PR and would have done a 5K in under 30 minutes, which is big for me-- I did MORE than 3.5 miles, but the first 5K was fast), and got ready for fancy brunch.  And I only got myself ready-- and Dorothy at the last second.  Ben did everyone else.

We went downtown for the brunch that has become legendary to the children.  They talk about it all the time and tell me that someday they'll bring their kids.

Dorothy smelled the tulips so aggressively that she kept face planting.  HA!
 All I could do was laugh at her because it was SO CUTE.
 Now THAT is a fucking CORSAGE
 I wish we had taken more pictures before we turned her loose with tons of food.  But here she is still pretty dainty.
 Harrison went to the omelet station first thing.  He actually had a whole plan of buffet attack mapped out in advance.
 Jack-- he ate more sausage in one sitting than I thought was possible.
 For awhile all I could do was sit there and hold a glass of water in one hand and a kids' cup of crushed ice in the other.  Erm.
 Seriously.  The sausage.
 She had some strawberry shortcake.
 Also a fan of the dessert selection.
 Smelling the tulips.
 She liked em
 He was a statue
 And then she started to freak out and it was time to go home.
 LOVE the side eye I am giving the Jack situation
 Cooper picked his nose in 95% of our pictures
 OMG she's so rowdy
 Ben planted his garden today!
 A cute little boy lineup
 Another angle of all Cooper's desserts
 Whipped cream?  Cupcake? Hard to say.
 Walking in with our devices.

 Bloody Marys.  Plural.
 Can you blame me?
 Look at Cooper;s little smushy face.  He appears to be mocking us.
The boys rolled down the Capitol hill for awhile.  Longer than you;d think people would want to roll down a hill.

And then we all took naps and Ben grilled dinner.  The end.


  1. I LOVE the face-planting enthusiastic tulip smelling. Glad you had an awesome day. And I had 3 mimosas for 3 kids, so I think 4 bloody mary's would be utterly reasonable.

  2. Yay for your PR and an awesome Mothers Day!

  3. I sometimes smell flowers that hard as well. Especially tulip, they are my favorite!

  4. Love the face planting! Hilarious. That brunch looks amazing.