Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I have the major lunch-packing blues. 


Finally (FINALLY) I have discovered the magic formula that leads to a completely empty lunch box:  some kind of meat (chicken from last night, turkey from the WF deli, this truly revolting turkey sausage Jack likes on occasion, a leftover burger-- MEAT) with some kind of organic snack cracker, half a peanut butter sandwich, fruit of some sort (for Jack ONLY raisins or applesauce or very, very rarely orange slices, but Harry will eat anything but bananas), an Organic Valley cherry yogurt tube (NO VARIATION ON THIS OR ELSE), and something sweet. 

Sometimes they get veggies and dip instead of snack crackers but only if I feel like cleaning dip out of every crevice when the box comes home.

 If we have leftover pizza, that is an acceptable substitution for either meat or the PB sandwich. 

Occasionally, I can combine their meat and sandwich needs with a meaty bagel sandwich, but only sometimes and usually only one of them will eat it and not always the same one.  SO CONFUSING. 

Talk to me in 3 years when Coop needs a lunch, too.  And then in 4 years when Dorothy does.  But by then, Harry cannot possibly still want me to pack his food, right?  Or maybe by then I won't care about all the shit in school lunches, and they'll be buying all the time.  (Probably not).

You know what I am NOT over?  Making cute little people lunches for Dorothy.  Today she had organic bear-shaped honey crackers, a pear, and a grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of cow's milk, just like a REGULAR PERSON.  And then for dinner, she enjoyed chicken, cantaloupe, asparagus, and a chocolate chip cookie like everyone else.  It's too adorable.

We also eat the best ever when one of our babies first starts eating everything we do.  EVERYTHING in the house is organic from crackers to dairy to produce to meat to condiments because I cannot even imagine pesticides and gross preservatives in their tiny little bodies.  Gradually, exceptions begin to slide in here and there.  For example, I LOVE Trader Joe's chocolate chips and their apple carrot crushers, and I bet in a few months they will find their way back to our pantry.  Same with the occasional box of cereal from the regular store (gasp!) or package of Nabisco something terrible.  Or TJ's non-GMO but also not organic butter.  But for now?  Squeaky clean cabinets around here. (Although when I paid $5.79 for freaking graham crackers (she really enjoys a graham cracker after dinner), I thought longingly of Honey Maid, so maybe these exceptions happen sooner than I think...)

In other scintillating news, I finally figured out how to make a fish tail braid.  So that and a bottle of beach wave spray, and there you have it.  My hair plan until the end of the summer.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Pictures of the hair please!

  2. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I realize I only make lunch for one preschooler, but he loves healthy food and is a great eater! I really like a couple of books that have given me wonderful ideas for healthy lunches (with some twists on the usual sandwich thing too): Weelicious Lunches, and Best Lunchbox Ever. Good luck! Feeding boys can be a challenge!