Saturday, March 22, 2014

I lost a week of my life to the kids' school carnival. Oops.

 What in the heck were Ben and I thinking being co-presidents of the school's parent-teacher organization?  We have spent every single second of the past week organizing carnival games, confirming volunteers, and creating and writing about the baskets for the silent auction.  the kids have been eating like shit, and I have been out of the house so much Cooper has a pet rock he calls Mama.

But, here's what you missed in the last week:

Cooper is a photojournalist

 Dorothy loves matazah
 She got her 1-year vaccines at her well-check (50th percentile across the board), and they turned her into a cranky little bear. So if she wants to wear bibs like sandwich boards, who am I to stop her?
 Harrison dresses funny
 Dorothy makes marshmallow soup

 Jack is suddenly ginormous and wearing most of Harrison's clothes.
 Dorothy loves Chipotle
 And so does Cooper.
 Cooper also loves to wear makeup.

AAAAAAAAnd that about sums it up.

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  1. Every time I see pictures of your Chipotle I think about how awful James's behavior was when we were there. *shudder*

    My kids are getting huge too. Crazy!!