Friday, March 28, 2014

Should be grading...

I have to HAVE TO grade a large stack of essay exams.  I HAVE TO.

So, logically, I am writing this blog instead.  Because exams.  Yuck.  Yesterday, I made myself an answer key (which is kind of stupid since I wrote the exam.  But I thought it might make grading go faster).

I have nothing new or exciting to talk about.  Not even really very many pictures because I am at the library and the ones I took today on my phone are not uploading to my iCloud for some reason.  A reason that I am not bored enough to investigate, BTW.

Oh.  Wait.  There they are.  THIS IS SCINTILLATING STUFF.

Harry and Jack built some Geo Trax tracks before school yesterday, and Cooper played ALL DAY.

 Now that she has enough hair for 2 pig tails, I cannot imagine another hairternative.
 Cooper is also way into grooming, obvs.
 He even grooms Dorothy's sweet ride
 Ride 'em, cowgirl
 Not sure why she was so gloomy, but Cooper took this picture of me taking an iPad picture.  Meta.
 The teeth!  I just can't even.
 Every meal she eats is the biggest mess in the world.  I have missed this phase though because it is so adorable.  And it is so lovely and easy to have 4 self-feeding children at meals.
 Cupcakes for lunch because the bigs had early dismissal. 
 Sweet baby no nap.
I think that the morning nap is a thing of the past.  She has taken 2 this whole week.  This morning, I didn't even try to put her down.  She just finished nursing and scampered away to play.  The upshot is that nighttime sleeping is good, an I m getting a solid night's sleep for the first time in a year, which is LIFE CHANGING.  And now that I said that, I will never sleep again.